Reclaim Project Recovery — Healthy Holidays

Events from Thanksgiving to New Years and all Holidays between!

Healthy Holidays Giving Goal 135 Monthly Sponsorships for Reclaim at $38.50 per month

This will help us meet the monthly necessities for 
Reclaim Project including organizational expenses, 
scholarships and salaries. We understand that money
is tight for many right now. Please consider any
monthly donation within your budget.


Family style feast & football
Provide a dish for our feast

For those how would prefer to make a 
financial contribution or be a food 
sponsor for any event please call or 
email: Kenny at 509.954.7023

Christmas Eve
Christmas movies & Games
We still need a food sponsor (approx $400)

Christmas Day
Brunch & Games
We still need a food sponsor (approx $450)

New Years Eve
Poker Night
Thank you Mike, Soini and friends for
the food sponsorship!

New Years Day
Healthy Holiday Raffle and corn hole tournament
We still need a food sponsor (approx $550)
Donation of 2 corn hole sets

We need lots of Prizes to give away!
Think useful for living. Gloves, winter
 socks, bedding, gift cards, tools, a
 month free rent, mini fridge or a TV
 make great prizes!

Have questions or need more details? 

Kenny at 509.954.7023



Come back soon for 2023 goals and
opportunities to support the Reclaim Project!

Monthly Sponsorship — $19-1000

Monthly support is the bread and butter for development and long term success of nonprofit organizations and the Reclaim Project is no exception. We need consistent income that will help us pay the bills like facility costs, salaries, etc.

Coffee For Week — $15

Coffee! Need we say more? Our fellows start their days bright and early, and whether it's a recovery class, gathering tools for the jobsite, or building a resume, coffee keeps the gears turning. Your contribution will provide coffee for one week for the entire Porch!

Hygiene Startup — $40

When you have nothing, anything is a blessing. Your modest donation will provide pillows, sheets and blankets, as well as a hygiene kit - soap, razors, toothbrush, etc. - to a new member.

Bus Passes — $50

We frequently provide bus passes to our members to facilitate access to public transportation for doctor’s appointments, job interviews, and legal responsibilities. Your sponsorship will assist our guys getting where they need to go!

Eyeglasses & Exam — $80

After years of physical and mental hardship, the recovering addict is often not up to date on current vision prescriptions. In fact, some may have never had the opportunity for corrective eyewear. This donation will provide two pairs of prescription glasses and an eye exam.

“Lunch with Leadership” - Sobriety One Year Anniversary — $100

Sober anniversaries are serious business at the Reclaim Project. In an effort to support and appreciate our members who reach 1 year of sobriety, the management team celebrates the momentous occasion with a meal and conversation toward future endeavors.

Carhartt Jacket for Management Promotion — $150

When an individual of our program demonstrates integrity, intentionality, and altruism, they become eligible for a promotion into our management team. Upon acceptance, the new manager receives a Carhartt work jacket stenciled with their name and our program.

Work Boots — $200

We offer work and apprenticeship programs, providing meaningful employment while teaching our members a valuable trade. Your sponsorship will provide a guy with a pair of tough-lasting, work-ready boots and provide safety and comfort as they begin the first steps towards learning a trade!

“Fresh Start” - fund — $300

A lot of fellows arrive at our doorstep with naught but good intentions and the will to change their lives - which are the most important aspects of recovery! Help these guys fund their first few weeks with us. Your contribution will greatly support the efforts of these new members!

Event Sponsorship — $400

Our organization promotes and develops sober events for our guys. Leadership seminars, trips to Mt. Spokane, community dinners - all designed to build a sense of community and provide a fellowship of recovery. Your contribution will provide men with a profound sense of belonging and purpose!

Work Tools — $500

Construction is a growing trade that requires tenacity, skill, and of course, sobriety. Our apprenticeship program develops and enhances these attributes through on-site job training and leadership courses. Your sponsorship will provide a complete set of tools for a new trainee - hammer, tool belt, measuring tape, power tools and all the accouterments of the trade!

One-Month Sponsorship — $600

Provide one month's rent for a guy in recovery! Without shelter, an individual has almost no chance at sobriety. Help

First Month Essential Needs Fund — $1,350

75% of our new men come to us with nothing but the clothes on their back. The First Month Essential Needs Fund is designed to provide for every contingent need a new member will require - housing, clothes, food, identification paperwork - everything necessary to begin a new life in recovery.

Rent For ‘The Porch’ — $2,000

This astonishing level of financial commitment provides the rent for our community center - the nexus of our sober community and wellness programming. The Porch is the living heart of Reclaim - it provides a gym to men seeking to enhance or repair their physical wellbeing, a computer laboratory to facilitate resume-building and job-searches, a kitchen for community meals, and a workshop to employ our men in recovery.