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“Every addiction will be uniquely woven, so every addiction will be uniquely unwoven.” — Shawn Kingsbury

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About Us

We provide a transformational platform for men transitioning away from addiction, homelessness, and criminality. We create opportunities for life affirming activities and a culture of growth to strengthen emotional, spiritual, physical and social lives.


Holistic Approach

Early transition into sobriety can be daunting. The initial focus and motivation fades leading to relapse, recidivism, and loss of hope. At Reclaim Project Recovery we equip men to hit the ground running and focus on their recovery by meeting essential needs: purpose, community, shelter and recreation.

Reclaim Project Recovery meets individual needs by offering men agency over their lives through mentoring, coaching, and creating boundaries that don’t enable but empower. Our platform assists men in becoming invested in our community, and they are encouraged to develop a recovery that is best-suited for them.

Some might need housing, while others need a job or a recovery meeting. Our managers and recovery coaches understand our platform’s many capabilities and resources and can assess how to tailor the program to one’s needs. While we encourage participation in all aspects of our program, we recognize that every equation to a new beginning is unique.

What We Are Not

We are not a rehab, detox center, drug court, or state run outpatient program. We do not give medical or professional advice regarding people’s mode of recovery, nor do we endorse or promote one method of addiction recovery.

Please contact us to learn more.

News + Events

Reclaim Project Flannel Gala

The Reclaim Project Flannel Gala is a dinner and game night fundraiser for our organization. We help men reclaim their lives!

flannel galla


Optimal Recovery

Our goal is to provide an intentional, authentic and courageous environment for men to discover their true authentic selves. We promote and facilitate recovery classes and integrative recovery conversations Monday through Friday. We generate resources to sustain safe, affordable transitional living. We provide essential items for bedding, hygiene and nutrition through our First Month’s Fund scholarship program.

Active Sober Community

Our goal is to provide a fun, robust, active environment of physicality. We promote, teach and facilitate activities such as; strength training, Yoga, running, hiking, biking, mixed martial arts, paddle boarding and organized sporting events. Current Activity Schedule

Occupational Development

Our goal is to resource, empower and train participants for their next step of occupational development. We develop partnerships with manufacturing businesses, construction companies and restaurants, to provide skill development and employment. We develop partnerships with local work training programs and colleges to assist participants towards their objectives. We promote, teach and facilitate a 10 week carpentry apprenticeship program that equips men for the professional carpentry industry.

Building Skill Sets

Our goal is to provide creative, inspiring and intellectually stimulating learning opportunities. We promote, teach and facilitate classes for personal development such as; authenticity, confidence, nutrition, relationships, leadership, positivity, personal finance and employment preparation.



Reclaim Project Recovery member

I moved to Washington from Texas to get away from all the drugs and mad chaos I was involved in that was leading me nowhere but trouble. I got to move in with some amazing, cool roommates who are always looking out for me and being a great set of friends.


Reclaim Project Recovery member

With Reclaim Project Recovery, I've learned a great deal about building structures, and more importantly, about building relationships. Genuine relationships and meaningful activity are foundational to joyful recovery and living — these are abundant here.


Reclaim Project Recovery member

I've struggled with the feeling of acceptance and self-worth after my life in addiction. The Reclaim Project Recovery gave me the space to improve my physical health in their gym, improve my mental health through the honest guidance given by the leadership, and develop the confidence and self-worth I have today. Building on my experiences in construction and painting, they sharpened my skills not only as a good worker but as a good person. I'm very grateful for Reclaim Project Recovery.


Reclaim Project Recovery member

Reclaim Project Recovery has provided me the protected space to continue in my healing process. Recovery within this support system has been essential for me while reintegrating into society.


Reclaim Project Recovery member

My name is Rick Galloway; I am 61 years old and a recovering alcoholic. I was born in rural Montana the only son of June and Ernie Galloway. My early childhood memories are tattered with scenes of an alcoholic father and uncle and an abusive mother. I swore growing up that I would never be like my father and uncle but alas, the apple does not fall far from the tree. I started drinking in my early twenties falling into the routine of drinking every day after work. I have suffered through the pain and humiliation of alcoholism going on forty years now. I am so glad to have found Reclaim Project Recovery and what it is doing and what it stands for. It has given me a sense of pride not only in myself but for the men who are there alongside me. These men exemplify strength, character and are shining examples of using their unique gifts and talents to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to a better world. "Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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